Sunday Morning (2018)

Artists Narratives is about the conversations I have had with mid-life successful artists working in various genres of art, music and writing; conversations about their creative process and how they live a creative life.

I hope that as you explore Artists Narratives you will be as inspired as I have been by the insights I have garnered from my interviews with artists from all over the United States; who while working in different mediums share a commonality in their view of living life passionately. Who better to learn from than those who make art and influence our culture? While on occasion I may indulge in my own musings, I will leave it mostly to the artists I have interviewed here and have met along the way to inspire, teach and excite us.

Excerpt from Interview with Diane Morgan, February 2019

Diane Morgan

Award winning desert artist and photographer, Diane Morgan, may be soft-spoken, but her paintings, whether watercolor, oils or acrylic, pack a powerful punch.  Using lighting effects, reflected surfaces, exaggerated contrasts and unusual compositions, Morgan transforms the simple into the “un-ordinary, not-so-still life”. Her work has been featured in numerous art magazines, she has won many prestigious painting awards and her audience includes museums, galleries and private collections.

Excerpt from Interview with Bill Schinsky

Bill SchinskyFor those who don’t know, Bill Schinsky is not only a talented artist, but he is the Executive Director of and is responsible for the establishment of the Coachella Valley Art Center located in Indio, California. Hanging from the ceiling in his studio space at the Coachella Valley Art Center is the first of many pieces to be installed. It is a large substructure of wire covered in dyed wool.


My mixed media painting, "Who's There ?" will be included in the Artists Council/UCR Palm Desert "Artistic Expressions" Exhibition, April 25- May 17, 2019. There will be a reception May 3rd 5:00-7:00pm.

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