Sunday Morning (2018)

Artists Narratives is about the conversations I have had with mid-life successful artists working in various genres of art, music and writing; conversations about their creative process and how they live a creative life.

I hope that as you explore Artists Narratives you will be as inspired as I have been by the insights I have garnered from my interviews with artists from all over the United States; who while working in different mediums share a commonality in their view of living life passionately. Who better to learn from than those who make art and influence our culture? While on occasion I may indulge in my own musings, I will leave it mostly to the artists I have interviewed here and have met along the way to inspire, teach and excite us.

Latest Work:  Conference With The Birds

30" X 40" Mixed Media Collage 2020

Artist Interviews

Excerpt from Interview with Michael McCall, May 2020

Michael McCall It’s a winding thirty-five-minute drive from Palm Desert to the new art mecca in the Palm Springs area, Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. That morning I met with the mid-career artist Michael McCall and Executive Curator of the Yucca Valley Visual Performance Arts Center.  McCall works in several mediums: painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and conceptual art. He has a quick wit, a spiritual nature, and a rebellious belief in the “freedom to create, to challenge the rules and relish the journey.”

I hope you enjoy reading about the talented artist Michael McCall.  Enclosed find the edited interview.

Excerpt from Interview with Pat Lasch, July 2019

Pat Lasch

On a beautiful desert morning, as I drove into a wonderfully quirky mobile home park in Rancho Mirage, California, I knew I was going to affirmatively scratch my creative itch.  I was about to interview the extremely talented American conceptual artist, painter and sculptor, Pat Lasch (b. 1944)

Lasch was part of the first generation of feminist artists whose work gained prominence in the United States.  Her sculptures depict ordinary objects created in unusual ways, often using dried acrylic paint made in pieces and stitched together.  The daughter of a pastry chef, many of her works are of intricate wedding cakes and dresses, all made with polymer acrylic paint that she either pours, extrudes or presses into molds.


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#6FeetApart - COVID-19 Sketches

To share a message of hope and love during this pandemic I try to create a special sketch each day. I post these on Facebook and Instagram and hope to do so until the pandemic ends. I call this series, #6FeetApart. CLick on the image below to view a gallery of these sketches.

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