About Me

I am a professional artist currently residing in Palm Desert, California.  I grew up in Minnesota and realized at a young age I had a talent and a desire to make art; a desire that has never diminished. In the middle of my second year at the University of Minnesota I married and moved to Los Angeles, California.  I fell in love with the sun and the easy life style of the west coast and never looked back. The bright colors and unique energy of Los Angeles and the vibrant, multi-cultural lifestyle inspired a whimsical nature to my work. Today  I paint with bold, bright watercolors on heavy paper and/or canvas and often incorporate pen and ink, crayons, colored pencils, fabrics, snippets of conversations, a poem or a song.  Along my artistic path I have been a proud recipient of grants and scholarships, have shown my work in numerous galleries, won regional and national juried art awards, and have been showcased in magazines and brochures.  From Los Angeles to Palm Desert, California I found a renewed artistic vigor and with a desire to complete my education, I returned to finish my Bachelor of Arts from Chapman University, Orange, California and then continued on to receive my Master of Arts from California State University Dominguez Hills.  It was not until returned to finish my education that I realized I enjoyed the writing process and I am currently researching and writing a book entitled Artists Narratives; a book that explores how to age creatively, based on interviews with mid-life successful artists from all genres. As I age I feel my art grows richer, with more purpose and meaning, and I continue to believe in my artist statement written many years ago; to excite, create, to inspire and always to continue to learn.

Middle Child

“Like an explosion of stars across the sky, like splattered paint, I keep moving, expanding, leaning into the creative process. I hope to excite, inspire, create and learn; to dazzle with color, smile at whimsy and always fall head over heels in love with art”.  

Judy Nemer Sklar@2018