Interview with Delos Van Earl, August 2018

The first time I met Delos was approximately ten years ago. I was with a friend who was interested in purchasing one of his pieces and she wanted to visit his studio space in Desert Hot Springs where he was located at the time. I tagged along to meet the artist, looking forward to seeing his steel and bronze sculptures and paintings. I remember him; a big guy, standing on a tall ladder, happily working on one of his pieces. He was warm, outgoing and excited to discuss his work. Fast forward to this past month when I met and interviewed Delos in his new gallery and studio space in Yucca Valley. He was as I remembered him; personable and passionate about his work. Open and honest, Delos is comfortable in his own skin; he enjoys discussing all facets of the artist’s life, both the business and creative side; and he has the experience, skills and success to back up his opinions. It was a joy to meet with him again.

Delos is a mixed media artist and sculptor who works in bronze, steel and wood ranging in size from pedestal to large, outdoor commissions. His current work focuses on large painted sculptures as well as wall sculptures in neo-modernism shapes and colors. He has an extensive resume; has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and is in both corporate and public collections. Please take time to look at his website, links and photos attached. Better yet plan a trip to visit his studio in Yucca Valley!

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Interview with Artist, Lauretta Lowell, June 2018

I first met assemblage artist, Lauretta Lowell, at a small café in LaQuinta, California. Her art is whimsical, magical and at the same time intellectually challenging.  We talked about her artistic process and her life story; a story of courage, inspiration and artistic success.  I knew after our meeting that I wanted to interview her for my ongoing research for my book and blog Artists Narratives. Enclosed find snippets of our interview; I know you will find her life story and her thoughts on how to live a creative life inspirational.

Lauretta was influenced as a young girl by her stay-at-home mother who was also an accomplished artist and fashion designer.  Her father’s military career exposed the family to travel and adventure. Her early years living in Japan exposed her to folklore, colorful parades and imagery that can be seen in her unique assemblage pieces.  Lauretta was always an adventurer and knew as a young girl that she wanted to be an artist but felt she did not have the gift...It was her mother, she said, that had that gift and one that Lauretta would not receive until later in her life.

From the age of thirteen to twenty-six after her father retired from the Army, Lauretta lived in Hawaii, on the north shore of Oahu.  Hawaii’s folklore, superstitions and spiritual activity would influence her life and art in a profound way.  ...

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