MORNING RITUALS: The Journal and the Journey

Participants in “Morning Rituals: The Journal and the Journey” will discover the secrets to unleashing one’s inner creativity.  The morning is a wonderful time to express our creative self.  One way to tap into our creative nature is through the use of a drawing or writing journal.  Writing or drawing in a diary or journal can be a safe place to express ones hopes and dreams and a great starting point in the discovery or rediscovery of one’s inner voice.  The authenticity of the journal comes from the writer’s willingness to embark upon a journey in search of clarity in an often-chaotic life.  In this class students will be introduced to artists, writers and innovators throughout history who have used journal writing as a catalyst in their professional development. Participants will use poetry, music, texts and tweets as prompts in the development of their own personal stories, poems or paintings.  We even include our morning tea and coffee as artmaking tools.  Whether seeking a reprieve from a hectic life or seeking space for inspiration, this class will combine the analytical with the intuitive. Create and Enjoy!

Bring yourself and an open heart.  I will supply the materials.


Workshops Available

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Private classes are continuing and are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. Classes are limited to two students at one time and meet at my studio for a 2 ½ hour class in drawing, watercolor or collage. CALL FOR INFORMATION.


I AM EXCITED TO INTRODUCE SOMETHING NEW IN AUGUST 2020! "Morning Rituals" is a weekly one-hour creative class and the perfect addition to your morning routine; My hope is that it will become your creative place to start your week, drop in when you choose, touch base with friends and become more creative, centered and inspired throughout your day and your week.

EACH week you will be introduced to a new creative prompt to inspire an artmaking, writing or music project to share with your creative community. MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW!