Building upon “The Journal and the Journey”, participants in “Morning Rituals” will discover the secrets to unleashing one’s inner creativity.  Creativity is more than a talent, it is a state mind, an attitude and a spirit that one brings to any task. Certainly, we can’t wake up in the morning and force inspiration, but we can create a sacred space to express our creative self.  Taking time for morning rituals such as a leisurely morning walk or a run can reconnect us to nature. In addition, practicing meditation and mindfulness can also be incorporated into our morning as a reminder to stay present and calm, particularly when one’s work environment has a confining rigid structure.  Using our daily journals, paints, brushes, pencils and canvas, along with our morning tea as a painting medium, participants in this class will explore the many facets of morning rituals.  Find time to relax and enjoy the moment. Find your sacred space!

Bring yourself and an open heart.  I will supply the materials.


There are no workshops currently scheduled.  Please check back later in the summer or contact Judy at (760) 902-5467.