Finding meaning in one’s life is both sacred and illusive.  While there is no one answer on how to do that, I often suggest we look to the artist as a creative, life-expanding model.  While artists share the same struggles that we all share, the very nature of the creative process requires the artist to stay open to life’s surprises and see the world with curiosity and wonder.

Consider the science of the creative brain.  Science tells us that creative activities are literally therapy for the mind. A creative outlet improves mental clarity, relieves stress, increases brain function, improves mood and plays a huge role in long-term wellness.  In addition, there are traits that artists seem to embrace naturally that have been proven to be beneficial in living a purposeful life.  Artists seek meaning and connection with their work and with others, they are risk takers, known to push boundaries and step out of their comfort zone. Artists, knowing ideas alone are not enough to bring their projects to fruition often practice mindfulness, seeking clarity, without a noisy mind.  Most of all artists seek that sacred moment when they feel they are the tool of something or someone greater than themselves.  Called being in the zone, artists honor those sacred moments when they are fortunate to experience them.

“Embracing a Creative Life: Collage to Canvas” explores the science of creativity and uses a variety of art-making techniques along with the freedom to mix materials and methods to produce a personal project.  These two, three or four-day workshops combine the lessons of the three introduction classes, using art, music, poetry, storytelling, artifacts, meditation and mindfulness to become inspired. The classes can assist in rekindling the creative spark of blocked artists and writers and are stress busters and team builders for business leaders, medical professionals, and other high stress individuals.

Return to your creative self, become inspired, tap into the joys of the art-making process and most of all have fun! Create for no purpose other than for yourself, be open to mystery, daydream and discover the intellectual and emotional forces that fuel creativity.

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