Free As A Bird


I search in the darkness for my truth, under black clouds and the night sky. I am like a pirate, silently slipping through the murky waters on my wooden ship in search of treasures. Sails eerily flapping in the night and I am on guard, waiting for answers. And then, at the very moment when the sun just peaks out from the heaviness of the blue-black watercolor sky, at dawn, I awake and breathe. Every night I search in the dark waters and the evening skies, and every morning I breathe acceptance that I have traveled further than the night before. And on some lucky mornings, I awake to the knowledge that in the darkness of the night I have discovered a lucky nugget of pirate’s gold and I feel free as the bird that sits on the mast of the ship, looking out upon the waters with her proud caw, caw, for she has found her morning breakfast.