Embracing a Creative Life

Stars are sprinkled here and there across the desert sky. I close my eyes listening to the palm fronds touch, each to the other, on this balmy night. I place my hand to my heart and whisper to the wind; please speak to me as I feel restless and I am searching for home.  With an edgy ache that runs up my spine, I breathe in and breathe out, but I do not hear a word.  The breeze moves strands of hair across my face. Warm and soft, it touches my skin, and ever so gently it seems to hold my heart and, in that moment, in that fleeting moment, I know. If I embrace my creative life and live it as I know I was always meant to live it, I would never have to search again, home is and always has been within me. I open my eyes and with the smallest smile I look up to the sky in awe.