Come Home to Who You Are Desert Health - News from Coachella Valley's Integrated Health Community, November/December 2018

The hot summer days are finally behind us, and it is now the time of year when snowbirds make their way back to their desert homes, reminding us that we live in a culture of movement. We move from our childhood home to a place of our own. In time we find something larger with room for the kids, and when we retire we look for someplace smaller or somewhere warmer. We reside “there” in the summer and “here” in the winter, and it seems we are always in movement.

The concept of home is part of how we define ourselves. It explains why many believe that our homes and all the objects that fill it represent the sum-total of who we are. None of that is true. The attachment we have to our homes and all the possessions we have collected in a lifetime only represent part of who we are and only part of who we show to the public.  READ MORE

Embracing a Creative Life, Desert Health - News from Coachella Valley's Integrated Health Community, September/October

Finding meaning in one’s life is both sacred and elusive. These aren’t lessons we learn easily but as we age, we reflect upon them and seek to find a more purposeful life. While there is no one answer on how to do that, I suggest we look to the artist as a creative, life-expanding model.

While artists share the same struggles we all share, the very nature of the creative process requires the artist to stay open to life’s surprises and see the world with curiosity and wonder.

Consider the science of the creative brain. Science tells us that creative activities are literally therapy for the mind, whether it is writing a book, playing music, baking or gardening. A creative outlet improves mental clarity, relieves stress, increases brain function, improves mood and plays a huge role in long-term wellness. In addition, there are traits that artists seem to embrace naturally that have proven to be beneficial in living a purposeful life. READ MORE