A smooth stone held lightly in my fist, sometimes in the back pocket of my jeans or sitting on my drawing table for inspiration.

I bow to the Buddha in the morning, I pray to God at night and call upon my talisman in between as a reminder of the magic and serendipity I seek in my daily life.

Etched with the word love, cool and smooth, this small object is my lucky charm, my good-luck piece, my rabbits foot. While you may see this a merely mumbo jumbo or voodoo juju, for me holding the stone at a difficult time brings me a certain calm and a hope for harmony and love. It sits juxtaposed between my faith in a God and the discipline of the Buddha, somewhere between my love of religion and my love of science. And really what is the harm? It is just a token, a wish, a prayer, a hope, an object, that for me, is a desire to attract in my life the symbolism it represents. It is my touchstone.


Talismans by Lauretta Lowell ...

Available at Whimsical Curiosities .com


(Protected by Evil Eye)
2.5" W x 5.5" H

3.5" W x 4.5" H

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